What is Cat’s Paw Cove?

Cat’s Paw Cove is a fictional town, located south of St. Augustine on Florida’s Atlantic coast, where anything is possible! The name Cat’s Paw Cove is derived from the small islands in the harbor, which look like the pads of a cat’s paw. The town was founded in 1645 by a few British families that (mostly) survived a shipwreck on their way from England to Barbados.

Who created Cat’s Paw Cove?

Romance authors Wynter Daniels and Catherine Kean created Cat’s Paw Cove. Friends and published writers for many years, Wynter and Catherine wanted to develop a shared story world. Since they both love cats and are both human slaves to very spoiled rescue felines, they decided the stories should include cats. Blending Wynter’s passion for paranormal romances and Catherine’s love of medieval romance, they created the unique history of the town that is known for its Sherwood cats.

With the help of a great group of guest authors, a terrific Continuity Editor, Kerry Evelyn, and our talented Art Consultant, Megan Kean, Cat’s Paw Cove was born.

Because so many kitties in Central Florida need permanent, loving homes, Wynter and Catherine intend for as many Cat’s Paw Cove events as possible to benefit non-profit cat rescue organizations.

Are Sherwood cats a real breed?

No. Sherwood cats are fictional. Sherwood cats originated in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, and are a breed of very special felines with facial markings that make them look like they’re wearing eye masks (like Robin Hood would have worn). Sherwood cats also have magical abilities.

How are the Sherwood Cats part of Cat’s Paw Cove’s history?

The town was founded in 1645 by several British families who were traveling from England to Barbados, along with some Sherwood cat stowaways. However, the vessel, called the Guinevere, never reached its destination. Stalked by a pirate ship, the Guinevere encountered a violent storm and sank off the coast of Florida in a hook-shaped harbor. Most but not all of the passengers survived.

Infighting led to each of the families claiming their own large parcels in the newly established town of Cat’s Paw Cove. The Wilshire family built their settlement close to the harbor, the Bell family established themselves just to the south, and the Harrisons went west to the high ground of what is today known as Seaside Hills.

Years later, a Wilshire married a Harrison, effectively merging the two great families. Lawrence Harrison and his new wife, Matilda Wilshire Harrison, forged a partnership with the Yamasee people, a multiethnic confederation of Native Americans. Together, the natives and settlers grew the town and successfully defended it against frequent pirate attacks. The Harrison family established a network of trading posts throughout the region and built Sherwood House in 1759. The mansion was a family residence, which also covertly served as a safe haven for escaped slaves from the colonies of Georgia and South Carolina. Secret tunnels under the house and through parts of the town were used to store pirate booty and to shelter escaped slaves.

Over the next hundred years, members of both the Wilshire and Harrison family laid claims to Sherwood House. In 1962 part of the home was opened for tours by a local preservation society.
Today, Sherwood House is on the National Register of Historic Homes and is still owned by descendants of the Harrison and Wilshire families. The property is also home to a large population of Sherwood cats who help draw countless visitors to the thriving tourist town each year.

What type of books are the Cat’s Paw Cove stories?

All of the Cat’s Paw Cove books are romances. Heat levels vary from sweet to PG-13. The stories, which all feature Sherwood and/or other felines, encompass a variety of romance genres, including time travel, contemporary, historical, mystery, and paranormal.

Most of the books, though, have paranormal elements (for example: magical objects, ghosts, witches, and supernatural occurrences). The stories are relatively light in tone, and some have a lot of humor. We hope readers will love visiting Cat’s Paw Cove through the pages of our books. We plan to release new titles several times a year, and hope readers will be eagerly watching for the next Cat’s Paw Cove releases.

What about Book Signings?

Thanks for asking. Our next scheduled event will be KittyCon Tampa. Meet Wynter Daniels, and Guest Authors Darcy Devlon and Candace Colt. Here’s the link: https://www.kittycontampabay.org/

I’m an author. Can I write for Cat’s Paw Cove?

First off, congratulations! We love meeting fellow authors! Right now, writing for Cat’s Paw Cove is by invitation only. At some point, we might open up for submissions, but our immediate goal is to focus on publishing the wonderful stories we already have on our schedule.

I belong to a local cat rescue organization and would like to work with you on a Cat’s Paw Cove special event. How can I get in touch with you?

We’d love to talk to you. Please fill out the Contact form on the website, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.